Friday, June 26, 2009

25th Anniversary Bob McIntyre Memorial Road Races, East Fortune (No 5)

David Clark, 200cc Honda
Mike Cooper pushes his Manx Norton towards another race win in the 500cc class
Christopher Howitt, Petty Manx
Dave Cole (No 0, McIntyre G50) leads Phil Sharpe (No7,MV)
Adam Easton (No31 Manx Norton) leads Ian Henshaw (No4, Royal Enfield Fury)
Alan Oversby, Dave Cole and Mike Cooper lead the pack through Pate's corner
Tom Gaynor (No11, petty Manx) leads Donald Hendry's Honda CB 500
David Swallow (No86 Petty Manx) leads Tony Myers (No11 G50 Matchless)
Alan Oversby, Craven Manx Norton
Larry Devlin, whose Butenuth BMW flat twin sounded absolutely lovely.
Bill Swallow, Petty Manx Norton

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