Friday, June 26, 2009

25th Anniversary Bob McIntyre Memorial Road Races, East Fortune (4)

Ian Henshaw, Royal Enfield GP 5
Adam Easton (31, Manx Norton) leads Christopher Howitt (73, Petty Manx Norton) along the Linton Straight.
Robert Hamilton (850 Weslake) Last Race on Sunday and the much promised rain had finally arrived. Christopher Howitt's Petty Manx leads Ian Henshaw's Royal Enfield Fury through Hannah's. The Manx Nortons of Mike Cooper and Alan Oversby are about to lap them.
There was a brief battle between Phil Sharpe (No7,MV) and Wattie Brown (No140, Manx Norton). Sharpe eventually pulled away to take third place.
Mervyn John Stratford (No 47, Rudge) and Jeff Hadwin (T20 Suzuki) were to be found in close quarters for most of the weekend.
John Davidson's TD1C Yamaha comes through Hannah's
Peter Robertson, CB 250 Honda.
Phillip Shaw, T20 Suzuki

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