Friday, June 26, 2009

25th Anniversary Bob McIntyre Memorial Road Races, East Fortune (No 6)

Gary Anderson & Stuart Lithgow, coming through the esses on their 649cc BSA Golden Flash std.
Martin Hudson, Seely 7R
Andrew Taylor, Honda K4
Rich Hawkins, Ducati
Mike Cooper. Again..... =D
Alan Oversby, Craven Honda K4
Grant Sellars, Manx Norton
Richard Lambourne (No155, Manx Norton) and Richard Yule (Drixton K4 Honda)
Phil Sharpe (No7, 3T Tickle Manx Norton) chases down Stuart Gray (No32, Eclipse Honda Special)


gary said...

the big wheeler outfit is a bsa
golden flash std 649cc and stuarts
second name is Lithgow great photos
good to see someone taking an interest in scottish classic racing

Ewen Nicolson said...

Cheers Gary! Really enjoyed watching you and Stuart over the two days, you had some excellent races with Julian Christian and David Pendleton. I'll get that info altered, not sure where 'Stuart Little' came from. I was sticking up so many shots at once and referring to race results, so I may have got some names mixed up.

It's taken a bit of time to get this blog going, but hopefully I can get about half a dozen meeting updates a year, along with any other pertinant info and make it worth a look for people.