Monday, June 21, 2010

Bob McIntyre Memorial Classic Races 2010 At East Fortune Raceway - Sidecars

Ian Johnson & Kevin Rougham push their Windle Imp back to the paddock
The Norton Atlas of Clint Faulkner & Ben Gray leads the Mouser BSA engined outfit of Wattie Brown & Peter Burgess.
Wattie Brown & Peter Burgess through the esses. Very spectacular throughout the meeting.
Clive Faulkner & Ben Gray at Railway on their 4 cylinder Honda powered outfit.
The spectacular Triumph Thunderbird outfit of Williams & Wilson. Almost always sideways....... ;)
Clint Faulkner & Ben Gray, Norton Atlas Gary Anderson & Stewart Lithgow getting a lovely slide on with their BSA Golden Flash Den & Christine Etheridge, 'Norton period 1'
Eddy Wright & Vicky Cooke, Windle Bellas Imp
Colin Lewis & Michael Reid, Lewis NRE Triumph
Damien Perilleux & Nancy Detournay, Hillman Imp
Kerry Williams & Jennifer Wilson, Triumph Thunderbird
Wattie Brown & Peter Burgess, Mouser BSA
As ever, please don't hesitate to correct the info I have, it's been cribbed from the programme, and as such, may not be 100% correct.

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