Friday, June 19, 2009

25th Anniversary Bob McIntyre Memorial Road Races, East Fortune: Paddock Shots

Another Triumph Cub
Ian Ambler's Honda K4. Not sure if they're putting the bike away or trying to get it out.
Dave Cole's McIntyre G50
Start Ya Bugger!!
A bit of maintainance.
Triumph Tiger Cub
Fleet of 350 & 500cc Manx Nortons
Sloan/Robertson prepared 200cc Honda, ridden by David Clark
Matchless G45
Royal Enfield Crusader Sport
NSU Sportmax
250cc Rudge. A dope fueled rocketship.
Ian Henshaw's Royal Enfield Crusader.
Honda CB 500
John Davidsons all conquering TD1C Yamaha.
Jeff Hadwins immaculate Suzuki T20
P.Robertson esq. reclines in his luxurious motor-home during Sunday's lunch break.
Adam Eastons Manx Norton takes a run around the empty paddock on Friday morning, for the benefit of some STV cameras.
Gary Anderson's virtually street legal BSA outfit.
G50 Matchless

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