Monday, June 15, 2009

25th Anniversary Bob McIntyre Memorial Road Races, East Fortune (1)

Phil Sharpe on an MV 500 triple.
Ian Ambler, Honda K4
Richard Lambourne, 350 Manx Norton
Mike Cooper, 350 Manx Norton
John Cragg, NSU Sportsmax
Bill Smyth, 350cc Ducati Sebring
350cc race - Bill Swallow (No.84, Aermacchi Ala Doro) and Richard Johnstone (No.53 Manx Norton)
Wattie Brown (No.140, Petty Manx ) goes a bit too deep on the breaks and crosses the path of Steve Elliot (No. 16, Drixton Rutter Honda). Elliot ended up on the floor a split second later, though Wattie did come round to check he was ok at the end of the race.
Bill Swallow, Petty Manx Norton
Gary Thwaites, Seeley G50
Chris Swallow, Norton
Some photos from the weekend. I'll have, more photos, a little round-up with results tomorrow night.

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