Thursday, May 25, 2006

East Fortune May 20/21 2006

Erratic weather, technical difficulties and numerous accidents beset the meeting, run by the North East Club. Saturday saw practice, timed and untimed with only one race per class in the afternoon as a series of race stoppages put paid to any chances of running a full programme. The Classic entry was excellent with a good mix of 250's. 350's and 500's on show. Results of the classic race, according to a handy MCN I have to hand............... Race 1* 1-S Gray 2-D Beadle 3-A Ward Sunday was a better bet. The weather was still unpredictable but things seemed to run far more smoothly. A short practice was held before a full programme of races were run prior to lunch. The afternoon saw a set of eight lappers and a set of six lappers run just within the 6pm curfew. Sunday results: Race 1* 1- A Ward 2- S Gray 3-D Beadle Race 2* 1- A Ward 2- A Whittwell 3- I Ambler It would seem someone mislaid the results for one of the races. If I find them out i'll stick them in at a later date. A look at Bikesport News next week should fill in the gaps I think.


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